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Sunglasses are the ideal complement for the whole year, the truth is that they are a complement that looks good, especially for us women :) They protect you from the sun, and if they are pretty, much better. We know that if we talk about design it is sometimes difficult to choose. In this blog, we will show you the Top 10 best models of sunglasses for women. All of them are very beautiful, and they will protect you from the sun in the best possible way thanks to our UV400 filter with total protection. Do not miss it! 

Keep reading until the end to give you our bonus track ;) 

1: Design of glasses with polarized lenses

Undoubtedly, the most important thing is visual protection and blocking those annoying glare, which is why our number 1 recommendation is our polarized sunglasses, which, in addition to having an incredible design for all tastes, have a filter on their glass, that blocks reflected light and excessive glare, obtaining multiple benefits such as decreased eye fatigue and improved color sharpness.

We recommend the models for women Zante Moonlight and Capri Hedgehog





2: Glasses with square frames

Sunglasses with square frames are a strong trend in fashion today. Whether you are looking for a new pair of sunglasses for the summer or a new style to accompany your outfits, square frames are the perfect option, they are versatile and go well with everything. How to know which are the best models of glasses with square frames for you?

In our recommendation number 2 we invite you to meet Rosie Lilac and Kylie Tortoise.





3: Women's Round Frame Sunglasses design


The design of glasses for women with round frames are ideal for women cause they adapt perfectly to the female face, they are elegant and sophisticated. Unlike other sunglasses, round frames are not limited to one style or one face shape, making them versatile and easy to wear. Also, round frames are a great option if you are looking for a sunglasses design that is out of the ordinary. 

In Our Top 3 we highlight the models Lolita Onyx and Belmont Topaz





4: Sunglasses for small faces

The Top 4 recommendation is intended for women with small faces and it is a challenge to choose models of glasses for them. The good news is that at Charly Therapy we have a wide range of design of sunglasses for women for small faces that flatter your features and adapt perfectly to your face. You can visit our blog "Best sunglasses for your face shape" if you have another type of face and need tips 🙂

We recommend the Blackbird Olive and Jerry Khaki.



5: Black Color

When we talk about the types of sunglasses that cannot be missing in your closet, we certainly have to talk about black glasses. Black is a classic that never fails and is synonymous with elegance. Our design of vintage black glasses at Charly Therapy will give you that unique touch and will bring you a shower of style and personality. If you're looking for a pair of black sunglasses for women that's both fashionable and functional, check out our collection of black sunglasses.

We invite you to discover Kylie Black and Paul Black.



6: Hexagonal glasses for women

Our choice for the Top 6 of sunglasses for women is the hexagonal glasses, this type of glasses will do all the work for you. Our collection is characterized by vintage and exclusive designs where colors, textures and different types of frames make the difference. Have fun incorporating an entertaining touch to your looks.

We recommend the Iman Tortoise and Audrey Honey design.



7: Pink Color

One of our favorite designs for women are pink glasses, they have become the feminine accessory par excellence. In our collection of pink sunglasses you can find different shades and textures of pink, there is something for all tastes. Whether you are looking for a couple of fun and flirty tones or a more classic style, pink is undoubtedly your option.

We invite you to meet Charly Pink and Olivia Pink.



 8: Cat-eye shape

Cat eye sunglasses are one of the hottest fashion trends right now. Celebrities the world over and fashionistas alike have embraced this unique style of eyewear, and it's easy to see why. Cat eye sunglasses are elegant, sophisticated and give anyone an air of confidence, you should definitely check out cat eye sunglasses!

Discover them in mini or XXL, from the most retro to the most modern, we recommend the Farrah Olive and Agatha Blue sunglasses.



9: Orange glasses

We are almost at the end of our TOP 10 and we cannot finish without mentioning the orange glasses, because this entertaining color is going to steal more than one look. Without a doubt, orange glasses are the perfect way to add a touch of color to your look together with the best UV400 protection.

Meet the entertaining design Cooper Orange and Jerry Orange.



10: Sunglasses for screens

We close our Top 10 with a recommendation for style and care. We spend so many hours in front of the computer, mobile phone or tablets and sometimes we forget that we must take care of our visual health. Our collection of blue light glasses with a blue filter has a special coating on its lenses, which reduces eye fatigue and reduces the sensation of dry eyes.

If you want more information about computer glasses, we invite you to read our blog about blue light, its effects and how to protect yourself.

Whether you're looking for a new pair of glasses for work or your movie marathon weekends, we've got you covered with our collection of blue light filtering glasses.

We present you the Charly Marble and Noa Clarity sunglasses for screen.



As usual and we promised you at the beginning of the blog, we can't finish without our bonus track :)

Extra Tips: What color glass glasses to choose?

We already know which are the best models of sunglasses for women, but what glass color to choose?

As for the color of the glass, this varies according to fashion and your tastes, but there are some recommended colors according to its use:For general day-to-day uses we recommend grey, green or brown crystals.

The gray lenses are recommended in cases of strong light, such as driving activities.Green crystals allow you to appreciate all colors in a uniform way, it is effective to count glare and improve vision in shadow areas.

The brown crystals filter blue radiation, increase depth and contrast, it is ideal for outdoor sports.

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