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Category 3 sunglasses with colored lenses | Charlie Therapy

Surely when buying beautiful sunglasses you have heard about category 3 sunglasses and the importance of knowing certain standards. At Charly Therapy we know that visual health is as important as skin health.

In this blog we will tell you about the necessary protection that your glasses must have against UV rays, the category level for sunlight filtration and what function the color of the lens plays in sunglasses.

At Charly Therapy you will find category 3 sunglasses with UV400 protection with colored lenses for all styles and tastes at the best price.

UV400 protection, what does it mean?

It means that the glasses have a filter in their lenses that protects the eyes between 99% and 100% of ultraviolet rays (UVA and UVB included). UV400 protection is the international standard for UV protection of glasses. At Charly Therapy all our glasses have UV400 protection so you have the guarantee that you are providing your eyes with safe protection.

What does category 3 sun protection mean?

The categories of sunglasses (0,1,2,3,4) are related to the degree of absorption of the sun's rays, that is, depending on the lesser or greater light absorption capacity, we find tinted lenses lighter or darker. Category 3 lenses have a dark tint so they are capable of blocking between 82% and 92% of light. Its use is optimal when there are fairly high light conditions.

Category 3 polarized sunglasses

We already know that category 3 glasses, thanks to the tint of their lenses, protect us from sunlight, in case of fairly high light conditions. But, did you know that you can find them with anti-reflective treatment? At Charly Therapy we have a Premium collection of polarized sunglasses. These glasses have a special filter that blocks light reflected from surfaces and eliminates excessive glare, reducing the sensation of glare.

We recommend the Santorini and Capri design



Green crystals

Within the category 3 range of sunglasses, we find glasses with green lenses, this color of glass is recommended for general day-to-day use. They allow all colors to be appreciated uniformly and improve vision in shadow areas. At Charly Therapy we offer beautiful designs with green crystals that meet protection standards.

Find Agatha military and Uma oak



Glasses with gray lenses

Glasses with gray lenses are highly recommended because colors look great and offer high protection against strong light. They are ideal for all kinds of situations and it is the most used color for its versatility. If you are looking for 3 categories of sunglasses with the best design, you will find the best options on our website.

We highlight the designs Debbie sand and Lolita kiwi



Selection of brown lenses with UV400 protection

In our selection of glasses we highlight the glasses with brown lenses with UV400 protection. This color of crystals is multifaceted because it does not alter the perception of colors, they are ideal for people who suffer from eye strain or who spend long hours driving. At Charly Therapy you will find a wide selection of designs with category 3 brown crystals. Go ahead and discover our designs.

Discover Frida olive and Charly tortoise



Category 3 glasses with mirror effect

Looking for a pair of shades that will make you stand out from the crowd? Take a look at our selection of category 3 sunglasses with mirrored lenses. Glasses with mirror effect lenses have a special filter with reflective treatment, protecting the eyes from direct extreme light. Special to enjoy a sunny day at the beach or on snow slopes.

In this selection we suggest the designs Charly flash tortoise and Cooper tortoise flash.



Gradient gray crystals

Category 3 sunglasses in gradient gray are perfect for sunny and cloudy days outdoors. The lenses with gradient lenses have the characteristic that the tint goes from darker to lighter, this allows better visibility between light and darkness. In addition, these crystals provide better visual clarity.

We suggest Janis black and Olivia down



Sunglasses with brown gradient lenses

Gradient brown glasses enhance depth perception, amplify contrast, and are ideal for driving. This means that you can be both indoors and outdoors without having to change glasses, these versatile glasses are very comfortable for different situations and climates.

We highlight in this selection our favorites Paul kiwi and Audrey topaz.



We saved the best for last and introduced one of our best-selling designs in a new color: Audrey laurel. Fall in love with these hexagonal sunglasses with gradient brown lenses, always with the best sun protection.


See you in the next post :)

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