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Why wear Charly Therapy screen glasses: 

Blue light filter glasses, also known as computer glasses or screen glasses, have arrived in town to cover the need to protect the eyes when spending so much time in front of screens that emit blue light.  You probably spend a lot of time in front of your mobile screen watching the latest news, on the computer while you work or simply when you're binge-watching your favorite series. Charly Therapy Blue light's collection of trend glasses are non-prescription blue filter glasses that protect your eyes by filtering 40% of the blue light emitted by computer, smartphone, tablet, television screens...
Reduce glare sensitivity
Decrease eye strain
Match with all your looks

Charly Therapy Blue Light Glasses

Blue light, what is it?

It is the blue-violet light or high-energy visible light that comes from digital scenes and the human eye is capable of perceiving. It is emitted by the sun naturally, but also artificially by electronic devices.

Why is it important to protect yourself from blue light?

This type of light usually directly affects the retina, as it has a short wavelength similar to UV light, which your eyes cannot block.Overexposure to screens that emit blue light carries a risk to the health of your eyes: visual fatigue, dry eyes, blurred vision, headache...

What do blue light glasses have?

The lenses of our computer glasses have a coating developed to protect the eyes against the harmful effects that can appear as a result of overexposure to blue or LED light. In other words, the glasses are equipped with a protective surface that filters 40% of the harmful blue light emitted by the screens.

When to wear blue light filter glasses

It is recommended to use the screen glasses at work or at home when using your computer, smartphone, tablet or television.

What is visual fatigue?

If you have experienced the feeling of having dry eyes and discomfort, you can consider having experienced visual fatigue.

The most common symptoms include:

  • Eye redness and a burning sensation
  • More sensitivity to light
  • The need to close your eyes very often
  • Headaches
  • Eye fatigue and itchy eyes
  • Dry eyes or watery eyes
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Blurred vision or double vision

What are the advantages of wearing blue light glasses?

  • Improve focus when developing your activities
  • Reduces glare and eyestrain in front of screens
  • Helps improve posture and well-being
  • Improves sleep cycles

Gaming glasses

If you are looking for gaming glasses, you are in the right place. Our Blue Light collection is created to protect eyesight and prevent eye strain, headaches, dry eyes, etc. to all those who spend many hours in front of a screen. Charly Therapy video game glasses block a significant percentage of the blue light emitted by computer screens. This way you can enjoy while using your gaming equipment, whether it is a monitor, computer or tablet, with greater peace of mind.

Discover our modern and easy to combine designs perfect for everyday. Our different styles of Computer Glasses protect your eyes by filtering out 40% of the blue light emitted by screens. Just choose the design and color that best matches your style from our collection of screen glasses.

And if you want more information about Computer Glasses, we invite you to read our page on blue light, its effects and how to protect yourself.

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