¿Que gafas de sol de moda son perfectas para tu mood actual? | CHARLY THERAPY

What trendy sunglasses are perfect for your current mood? | CHARLY THERAPY

The perfect fashion sunglasses for every mood this 2023.

Dear accessories lovers, we know that in the dynamic and creative world of fashion, every day is an opportunity to express who we are and how we feel through our choices of outfits and accessories that accompany them… And among these star accessories that not only complement our look, but also express our personality , are sunglasses. They are pieces of art and design that not only protect our eyes from the sun's rays, but also give us the possibility to communicate personal messages. Because yes, absolutely everything communicates.

The great power of sunglasses: they reflect your personality through style.

Some days we feel energized and ready to take on any challenge that comes our way and other days we find ourselves in a more chilled out and reflective state. Sunglasses have the unique ability to align with these emotional variations from day to day. Choosing a pair of fashionable glasses that reflect our current mood not only adds consistency to our appearance, but can also greatly affect how we feel throughout the day.

When we get up in the morning and choose a pair of trendy sunglasses, we are making a conscious decision about how we want to present our individuality to the world.

Sunglasses: more than an accessory, a fashion statement

They express identity: they are like a blank canvas on which we paint our personal style and identity. From futuristic looking frames to the most classic and elegant designs, our sunglass picks speak to who we are and how we perceive fashion. Whether we opt for cutting-edge styles that defy the norm or timeless styles that reflect our sophistication, our sunglasses become visual spokespersons.

Trendsetter: Sunglasses have the ability to influence and shape fashion trends. From Rihanna to Rosalía, many celebrities set the pace and make sunglasses protagonists in their looks, infecting the rest of mortals. Synonymous with style and flow, a simple pair of sunglasses can transform a simple look into something extraordinary and give rise to new aesthetic patterns.

They focus on personal style: If fashion trends can be ephemeral, personal style is eternal. The different designs, colors and shapes offer endless opportunities to mix and match our outfits, accentuating our uniqueness.

They challenge you to dare: Sunglasses are a field very open to experimentation and daring. Designers constantly push the limits, creating innovative or vintage-inspired models that defy convention and allow you to explore new dimensions of style. Whether it's through extravagant details, surprisingly colored lenses or unique frames, sunglasses offer the option to step outside of your comfort zone.

We have options for all possible moods. Join us on a journey through the latest fashion trends in sunglasses . We give you some key tips. What is the perfect Charly Therapy model for your current mood?

1. Vivid colors to rock the next concert with your friends.

Music, rhythm, fashion, color… what more could you ask for? Music festivals are the perfect setting to stand out and express the funniest part of your personality. Vibrantly colored sunglasses, from neon hues to soft pastels, let you add a pop of joy to your outfit. Our suggestion to immerse yourself in the mood to the bottom and spread joy, two best sellers from Charly Therapy:

green is in fashion

green fashion sunglasses music festival



Dare now with orange

orange fashion sunglasses



2. If you're feeling rock or rocker, immerse yourself in the classics.

There are classics that never die, and neither do rock looks. The perfect models for those days when you feel a defiant attitude and vibrant energy are the ones that instantly evoke images of legendary musicians from the 60s and 70s. At Charly Therapy we propose two classic suggestions that convey a great sense of freedom and creativity.

LENNY model

rock fashion sunglasses


JANIS model

rock fashion sunglasses


3. If you want to go out and conquer the world, bet on the 'Cat eye' designs.

We all have days when we need to feel sexy and capable of seducing anyone. This is where glasses with a 'cat eye' design come into play. Inspired by feline sensuality, these distinctive frames capture the essence of sophistication and seduction with an upward curve that adds a unique and alluring touch to your style. This type of design empowers femininity, whether you choose a classic pair in neutral tones or venture into bold colors.

Either you love them or you hate them, but cat eye glasses are always on trend. At Charly Therapy we have a multitude of options with this type of design. Choose your favourite.

sunglasses fashion cat eye charly therapy


fashion sunglasses cat eye charly therapy


fashion cat eye sunglasses


sunglasses fashion charly therapy cat eye


4. Mood Glamor On: yes to oversize designs

In the world of fashion accessories, sometimes size does matter.

The maxi glasses are an example that fashions are cyclical and always come back. This type of design is perfect for those days when you feel like more of a diva than Jennifer Lopez and you don't want to go unnoticed. They have an exclusive feature that sets them apart from other models, and they also protect very well from the sun because their lenses They cover a large part of the eye area. Furthermore, they embrace grandeur in their design, and have the power to transform your looks in surprising ways and add a touch of drama and sophistication .

Explore our wide collection of oversized sunglasses designs perfect for every mood:

oversized sunglasses charly therapy

fashion oversized sunglassesblack fashion oversize sunglasses



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