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Iconic sunglasses in history: A journey through the sunglasses of cinema, music and fashion.

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From Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's to John Lennon, sunglasses have been an iconic accessory throughout history. Sunglasses are not only a way to protect the eyes from UV rays, they are also a way to express own style. Sunglasses have set trends in film, music and fashion and remain a reference to this day.

We invite you to take a journey through the characters that inspired us to create our iconic sunglasses.

The most iconic sunglasses in the movies

Tiffany, the sunglasses inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany's

Many movies have given us the most iconic sunglasses of all the times, and the movie Breakfast at Tiffany reminds us of the elegant Audrey Hepburn with her oversize glasses. In Charly Therapy we turn this iconic model into the best version, meet the Tiffany sunglasses that will make you feel like being in a movie.



Lisa, our Great Gatsby Inspiration

We already know that sunglasses have always been a staple of cinematic fashion, and one of our favorite movies inspired by 1920s fashion is Great Gatsby. The style of the 1920s is elegant, glamorous and bold. And no one represents this style better than our iconic LISA eyeliner sunglasses. This retro cat eye style with modern lines and a sleek wide top rim transports us to the Roaring 20's in true Great Gatsby style.



Paul, a tribute to the talented Paul Newman

Paul Newman will always be in fashion in the world of cinema and is undoubtedly one of the most stylish actors and producers in the film world. PAUL sunglasses are a modern reinterpretation of the iconic Hollywood sunglasses worn by Paul Newman.Inspired by Paul's unique style, these glasses are designed for men or women looking for a sporty and elegant style. With UV400 protection glass, the Paul sunglasses will protect you from the sun's rays while giving you a touch of style from the stars.



Farrah, the glasses that remind us of Farrah Fawcett

We continue with the passage of time and we could not fail to name the actress and model Farraw Fawcett. Our iconic Farrah sunglasses are inspired by the cool californian style of the 70's in which we saw Farrah Fawcett on the screens in the movie Charly's Angels.These square sunglasses with thick frames and cat eye tips won't leave anyone indifferent.



Maverick, the iconic aviator sunglasses in film history

Aviator sunglasses have been iconic in movie history for several decades. They became popular again with Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun and recently with Maverick. Originally created for the pilots of the American air force, these glasses have once again inspired us to create Maverick, discover this design with colored lenses and full UV400 protection.

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Music personalities that set trends

Debbie, the iconic rocker style glasses

Over the years, many music personalities have managed to impose their style and be recognized for it. If we talk about the music of the 70s, Debbie Harry comes to mind along with her successful rock band Blondie. One of the most iconic elements of her look was her rocker style sunglasses. If you want to get Debbie's look, check out our iconic thick-framed sunglasses with original textures. Dare to rock with Debbie.




Blackbird sunglasses, inspired by John Lennon

Blackbird sunglasses are inspired by singer and songwriter John Lennon. Lennon was known for his unique and determined style, and the iconic Blackbird sunglasses reflect that same attitude.With a round metal frame and glass lenses with UV400 protection, Blackbird sunglasses are a luxurious choice for those looking for unique style. And with a range of colors available, you're sure to find a pair that fits you perfectly.


Janis, the iconic Janis Joplin glasses

Janis Joplin was one of the great figures of the 1960s hippie movement. Her distinctive voice and unique style made her an acclaimed figure of her time. Her sunglasses were an integral part of her look. Today, Janis Joplin's iconic glasses have become a symbol of retro style. And if you love Janis' style, Charly Therapy offers you the big round sunglasses, an undisputed vintage classic.



Iconic sunglasses in fashion

Iman sunglasses, a walk on the catwalk

Zara Mohamed, better known as Iman, has been making a mark with her beauty for decades. She has been the muse of designers Gianni Versace, Calvin Klein and Yves Saint Laurent. Just like these great designers, Iman also became our muse for creating these iconic large hexagonal sunglasses. Wear these runway glasses in the style of the beautiful IMAN and dazzle yourself with these thick-framed, dark-lensed glasses.



At Charly Therapy, you'll find the best iconic sunglasses inspired by the great characters of history, always with a touch of current trends to offer you the most original sunglasses at the best price.

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