Montura de gafas de sol: Guía completa para elegir la mejor

Sunglasses frame: Complete guide to choosing the best one

Tell me what sunglasses frame you wear and I'll tell you what you look like.

The perfect guide to types of sunglasses frames for your face.

To be honest, we all know that choosing the perfect sunglasses frame is never an easy task, quite the opposite. We can spend an entire afternoon trying on all kinds of models and still leave the store with the feeling that you have not chosen the most flattering one for you.
Yes, choosing a good glasses frame is essential, not only for reasons of fashion or trends, but also for the health of our eyes and our comfort on a daily basis. Below, we list the most key factors that we must take into account when making the choice.

Comfort and fit

A suitable frame fits comfortably to the shape of your face without causing pressure or discomfort. A good fit prevents sunglasses from sliding or wobbling, which can be especially important during sports or outdoor activities.

Clear, distortion-free vision

The quality of the frame also influences the quality of vision. A well-constructed frame keeps lenses securely and evenly in place, preventing visual distortions.

Durability and resistance

A solid, sturdy frame is less likely to be damaged or broken.

Style and personal expression

The frame of your sunglasses is an extension of your personal style and taste. It can influence the impression you make and how you feel about yourself, so it should fit your style and personality.


A good and personalized collection of frames allows you to adapt your sunglasses to different moods and activities. It is key to have a “closet base” of sunglasses.

charly therapy glasses frames

The main types of sunglasses frames that you need and should know.

The historical evolution of sunglasses frames has been truly fascinating, marked by changes in fashion, technological advances, new materials and specific user needs. More and more models have emerged, each with its own distinctive features and colors, providing a totally different style.

Each frame transmits a sensation and transports you to a certain moment in time. As usually happens, everything comes back. Today we can find all styles with reinvented models and adapted to the latest trends. Different materials, two-tone frames, prints, mirror glass, colored, opaque... Wood, stainless steel, polycarbonate...

We bring you the most complete dictionary of sunglasses frames , because it is very important to have the basic concepts very clear.

Double bridge frame : Symbol of an era

Double-bridge sunglasses, also known as "double-bridge sunglasses" were a design element that became popular during the 1960s, and continued throughout the 1970s, when they were adapted to disco fashion. These spectacle frames, characterized by having two bridges that connect the lenses to the top of the frame, are ideal for compensating faces with prominent jaws.


charly therapy double bridge sunglasses

Oversize frame : glamor made into a frame.

Oversized or XXL sunglasses were introduced in the 1960s as part of the fashion revolution. Iconic figures like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Onassis helped popularize this style that never goes out of style. The oversized frames complemented the dresses and suits of the period and became a symbol of sophistication, class and glamour. Today they are synonymous with character and privacy.

oversize charly therapy sunglasses

Cat-eye sunglasses frame : the feline frame that always comes back.

These frames, also known as " cat-eye sunglasses " or "Harlequin glasses" , are characterized by their pointed corners that imitate the shape of a feline's eyes. They revolutionized the fashion industry in the 1950s, and are positioned as the most Hollywood frame of all time. It is the favorite of many for its lifting effect on the face and the infinite combination possibilities with streetwear. Yes, feminine and also masculine.

This type of frame is ideal for mature faces and styles that evoke a retro look, adding angles. 


Butterfly style glasses frame: a classic feminine design.

Butterfly -shaped sunglasses frames , usually "XXL" style, are another timeless fashion classic, and undoubtedly an accessory that shows a lot of personality.

These glasses are characterized by their thick and generally rounded frame and provide total harmony and sweetness on the face of the wearer.

Round frame: the first glasses in history.

This type of sunglasses frame is the oldest since there are records. The most primitive glasses, created in the Middle Ages, were round. In fact, from the Renaissance until almost the 20th century, glasses were almost exclusively round.

During the 1960s, round glasses became associated with the hippie movement and counterculture. Young people who embraced peace, love, and freedom often wore this style of glasses as a statement of their rejection of conventional social norms. Additionally, round glasses are often associated with individuality and creativity.



Aviator glasses frame: the great classic that never fails.

This classic sunglasses frame style features a teardrop shape and a thin, metallic frame. The origin of the ' aviator' dates back to the beginning of the 20th century when pilots began to reach increasingly higher altitudes, they encountered a new problem: headaches caused by the blinding light of high altitudes.

Aviator sunglasses are timeless and flattering on a wide range of face shapes. They are a very popular choice for those looking for an elegant and sophisticated look, giving off a very particular arrogance and a rogue air. It's the energy that Marlon Brando embodied with Salvaje's leather jacket; or the attitude of the heroic Tom Cruise from Top Gun.


Wayfarer style sunglasses frame: the great pop icon.

Wayfarer sunglasses are known for their square, blunt frames. They have been a fashion icon since the 1950s and fit almost any style. Wayfarer frames are available in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing wearers to express their individuality. They became a symbol of fashion and pop culture, breaking with the trend of metal frames and becoming a visual icon.


Rectangular frame : less is more.

Rectangular sunglasses frames are minimalist and modern, and we find them in new generations as the Must accessory. They are ideal for people with round faces as they help balance facial features. This style is especially popular with those who prefer a clean, simple design.

Rectangular sunglasses are also versatile in terms of style. They can be modern and avant-garde or have a more classic look, making them suitable for different tastes and occasions.




Hexagonal sunglasses frame: retro and modern combination.

The style of the 70s is continually reinvented and returns, and this type of sunglasses frame highlights geometry and a style that is as fun as it is elegant. Without a doubt, they are the latest fashion accessory since their geometric shape makes them a unisex design and very adaptable to all types of faces and styles.



charly therapy hexagonal sunglasses


Bug-eye frame: a touch of the 50s.

Bug Eye glasses frames have an origin that dates back to the 1950s, when they became a symbol of fashion and youth culture thanks to musician Buddy Holly and United States lady Jackie Kennedy. They are characterized by their large, round lenses that resemble the eyes of an insect. They were designed to be eye-catching and unique, making them a very popular fashion accessory and synonymous with class and distinction . Its legacy lives on today as an iconic fashion item that has left its mark on the history of fashion and pop culture.


bug eye charly therapy sunglasses

Oval frame: fashion and personality.

Oval sunglasses frames are perfect for lovers of fashion and classic glamour. These types of frames are small, refined and glamorous. They go with any look because they perfectly complement any vibe. In the 90s they were the queens, but they never left, they just reinvented themselves. Diana Spencer wore them as her absolute must. In other words, they are the wardrobe essentials that every woman should have.




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