Top 10 gafas de sol grandes para mujer

Top 10 Big Sunglasses for Women

Your outfits call for oversized sunglasses and we have the best selection.

The absolute Must have sunglasses for all times of the year.

The oversize trend in accessories is very much in. That is very clear. We see it every day in streetwear outfits, in the proposals of fashion brands and in the posts of celebrities. There's something very glamorous about playing with structures and proportions when you're wearing sunglasses. Our current mood: The long-awaited moment has arrived to show off those big women's sunglasses like never before.

And yes, sunglasses continue to be a true must for all seasons. Although the days are getting shorter and the cold is settling in the streets, sunglasses are that king accessory that serves both to complement a look and to protect us from the sun.

We should all declare ourselves faithful subscribers of sunglasses as the main element of looks and more specifically, of oversized glasses. This accessory is so strong that its design and shape says many things about you and your life moment.

Of course, our favorite styles are those timeless vintage classics with twists on current trends , you will recognize them right away. What are you waiting for to add all of them to your records?

Below, we list in detail our top 10 selection of large sunglasses to combine and be inspired by creating personal looks.

1. JANIS: The oversized round sunglasses that scream 70s

These XXL women's glasses make any look interesting and make us travel back in time directly to the vibrant decade of the 70s. Inspired by the hippie movement and the rock of Janis Joplin, their variety of colors give countless possibilities and incredible combinations. Try it JANIS with sober and elegant outfits, you will see a power effect bloom immediately.

2. DEBBIE: Rock n'roll and glamor in oversized sunglasses.

If you are a diva at heart, you like big, geometric sunglasses. That is, not go unnoticed for the best reasons. These stunning geometric sunglasses, inspired by Debbie Harry aka 'Blondie', will help you elevate your fashion and style level. These glasses, with their thick frame and original textures, are ideal to combine with vintage t-shirts with a rocker vibe. The answer to the question: Do I dare? is yes.


3. BIANCA: The mystery of the 'Cat eye' XL.

Extra large 'Cat's Eye' shaped sunglasses could not be missing from our selection because they are part of the accessory repertoire of those who like to embrace the halo of mystery mixed with seduction each season. BIANCA is glamor and originality personified in whatever version, texture or color. We recommend SHELL, PEACH or PINK tones.


4. VIOLET: The most oversized butterfly shape possible.

Sometimes more is more, and in this case the rule is one hundred percent true. These large glasses multiply femininity in an undeniable way and evoke bygone eras. 'Stand out, but always with glamour', is the motto of this design, one of our favorites for its originality. Show off the fall colors in the best way possible. Because XL sunglasses are an absolute guarantee of success.


5. LOLITA: Classic, daring and big.

LOLITA is an oversized sunglasses designed for women who are inspired by the aesthetics of the 70s and are not afraid to experiment with color and lines. These sunglasses with thick plastic frames and soft rounded lines scream timeless fashion from all sides. Casual, but with a vibe; classic but colorful…

6. JULIETA: the oversized model for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

This model of large glasses for women is for all those who are not afraid to attract attention in the best way possible. It has a romantic, extravagant touch and a dreamy soul. There is no fear of textures and prints, they never go out of style. There is no glasses “too” big for JULIETA lovers.

7: JACKIE: The oversized glasses of the unmistakable icon.

Do you remember Jackie Kennedy's 'old money' style? Our number 7 goes to this iconic model that will never be forgotten. He set style and created a pattern widely imitated in pop culture. Very large, round and similar to the eye of an insect. They are a must for lovers of fashion and retro aesthetics. Perfect for those looking to make a statement with their look. We have different colors, which one do you dare with?


8. MAGNET: Personality in a big way.

The oversized sunglasses inspired by the undeniable glamor of the supermodels of the 80s and 90s. Hexagonal and glamorous, perfect for those who love a high fashion aesthetic. These large black sunglasses impact, create muses and inspire looks. Very suitable for fashion divas.


9. OLIVIA: The 70s are all in.

Yes, we travel directly to the golden age of large square glasses with gold metal frames: the 70s. It never leaves us, glasses inspired by this era adapt to new trends and without a doubt, are established as a valuable must this season. This geometric model adapts absolutely to all styles, vibes and face types. XL fun and elegance.


10. SOFIA: the most original oversized cat-eye model.

This is one of our most original and notable options for this fall. A large model of sunglasses with curved and soft lines, with a very feminine gold frame. It has a very attractive and elegant vintage-inspired touch. The details and textures make the difference. They are even more beautiful than you can imagine.

Which of all the models in our top 10 best suits your personal style? If you are hesitating between several models, do not hesitate to experiment with the size and shape of your glasses and give extra large sunglasses another chance...

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