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Are you a little lost? Not sure which glasses to choose? Do not worry. In this post I will give you super easy tips so that you can measure your face and see which are the right sunglasses for your face.

Best sunglasses for small faces - We share our favorites with you.

Are you a little lost? Not sure which glasses to choose? Do not worry. In this post I will give you super easy tips so that you can measure your face and see which are the right sunglasses for your face.

In this post I will focus on the ones among the Charly Therapy community with small or tiny faces. You are not the only ones who cannot find glasses of your size and there are many “it girls” who have minimal faces. At Charly Therapy we have options for your small face and the tiny ones too.

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How to know what is your size width?

First we have to know whether you have an XS, S, M or L face, (for optics standards) and then I will recommend the perfect sunglasses for your face width.

Perhaps you have ever heard of the Lens Width of the glasses. The Lens Width is defined as the measurement in millimeters of the maximum width of the lens. It can be said that it is like the size of the glasses.

The caliber of the lens

Each sunglasses has its own size but ... what does this number tell me? Although ultimately each one chooses the sunglasses they like (I, for example, am a lover of XXL glasses with an S face), fashion standards and opticians recommend the following:

If your face is an S, Lens Width smaller than 50

If your face is an M, Lens Width between 50 and 55

If your face is an L, Lens Width bigger than 55

In a few simple steps I’m going to teach you how to measure your face. So you know if the style of small glasses is for you. All you will need is a credit card and to stand in front of a mirror.

Close your left eye.

Put the card vertically in front of your face and align the right end with the center of your nose.

Align the top with the middle of your left eye.

Check at which point of your eye does the credit card ends.

If it ends at point A you have a small face

If it ends at point B you have a medium face

If it ends at point C you have a large face

In this article we are going to focus on small faces. But hey! stay tuned, we'll follow up with recommendations soon;).

Our favorite sunglasses for small faces.

Those blessed with narrow faces can afford to wear round sunglasses without any complexities. Narrow and rounded sunglasses will add volume to your face helping you to achieve a seductive visual effect, softening your features.

These are our favorites:


Ivo's design is minimalist, round and discreet. When designing IVO we decided to place the frame behind the glass, thus perceiving a flat and heterogeneous surface, in some models mirrored, which reminds us of the infinity of the sea. We achieved sober and very elegant glasses. We especially recommend these sunglasses for gala events, because it combines super well with wedding dresses, both for brides and guests. Ivo will be your ally in that special event in the sun.


This style is similar to Ivo but in this case we chose not to do without the pasta edges. In Mélody sunglasses, the thin pasta edges are combined with the gold metal bridge. The rounded frame of it and the thin golden temples are the perfect combination to achieve the romantic air of our Melody glasses. You will find them in warm colors and always with lenses protected by our UV400 filter. Sit down to watch the sunsets, dreaming and sighing, calmly with your ayes protected.


Manhattan sunglasses are our quintessential urban model. Its metal frame combines great with jeans and leather jackets. This season your favorites (and ours) have been the Manhattan Uva. We understand it perfectly, lilac is a color that is already being a trend and that will be a must on the catwalks this summer 2021. Once again at Charly therapy we take the best of current fashion and combine it with vintage classics to bring you the retro-chic glasses that you like the most.

Charles in Town

We close our recommendations of sunglasses for small faces with the flagship glasses of our brand: Charles in town. Round pasta sunglasses are already an indisputable classic, thanks to their beautiful simple frame and the variety of colors available, Charles in Town has become the essential vintage sunglasses in your wardrobe. It is the timeless design you need to add a touch of color to your looks. Be sure to visit them on our website, we currently have more than 25 colors available. We are sure that you will find the ideal combination for you.

Tiny face, these glasses are for you. XXS sunglasses

Have you done our measurement experiment and your eye ends long before the credit card? Do you feel that no glasses fit you, that your face is too small to wear sunglasses? That you will have to suffer the lashes of the sun all your life?

Those days are over, at Charly Therapy we have the perfect sunglasses for those xxs faces. We present you two options: round sunglasses and square glasses.


“All your life.You were only waiting for this moment to arise” They are here, the perfect sunglasses for your little bird face: the Blackbird glasses from Charly Therapy. Small round sunglasses, vintage style, a great classic for men and women. We love its round metal frame, its original colors and its lenses with full UV400 protection. wear them and you wouldn`t stop humming this song ;)


From Annie Hall to Alexa Chung, the style, established by Ralph Lauren in the 70's, does not stop adding followers. The small square Jerry sunglasses are ideal for mini faces and will give your look a trendy and sophisticated touch. Feel like a real New Yorker with our lightweight glasses, perfect for a walk in the park or walking to work with your American coffee in hand. We recommend this playlist for the ride :)

And so far our recommendations.

We hope we have helped you, if you have any questions you can always write to us at

See you soon on the blog !

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