Secret Santa? We have some tips ;)

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For the pretty ones

Did you get the cute aunt, the one who lives following the international catwalks of the moment? Or your Marketing partner who never repeats a look? Oversize and cat-eye are the most glamorous combination for fashionistas. Get that wow effect with your gift and a really honest “thank you, how nice” with our Sofia and Julieta models. Do not forget to go through our news section, you may find those sunglasses that your partner was talking to you about for hours.

For him

What can we buy as a present for uncle Charles and for cousin Steve and for David from accounting? We know that men are more difficult to decipher, but with these tips you will surely hit the mark. We recommend our Charles in Town, the iconic model of the house, these round plastic glasses go well for any occasion. Our best-selling colors are Tortoise and Shell. Another tip is to give him a watch, it is a classic that never goes out of style, an elegant and useful accessory. Meet our EVE watches with brushed steel case and leather strap, our Eve watches are the very essence of elegance.

For enterprising souls

Do you have to buy something for your workaholic friend? The one that is always there for you, for her family and busy with work? You don't know how she does it but she balances everything, she needs a special treat. Buy her our glasses for screen protection, Charly Therapy Blue Light. These glasses with a blue light filter will protect her eyes by blocking the blue light emitted by the screens of your computer, smartphone, tablet or television, avoiding eye strain and glare. With this gift you will have a resounding success. Our favorites are the Manhattan Rosie Gold but we leave you to choose yours.

For vintage fashion lovers

Did Secret Santa match you with the vintage soul of the group? That companion who has a gift for finding treasures in thrift stores. The sundays markets are her place, she has a detective's eye and knows at first glance if that garment is 70's or 80's style. For the nostalgic ones, those that seem to come from another era, we recommend our Gigi model. Retro-chic style that will go perfectly with the rest of their timeless wardrobe.

For travelers

Restless and explorer in spirit, always hiking in the mountains or spending their free weekends in European capitals, taking selfies on the best beaches and dreaming of going around the world in a caravan.

For your adventurous friends, we recommend our all-terrain glasses, practical and beautiful, they will be their new companions on the road: Cooper for lovers of timeless style or Douglas, pilot-style glasses for those who dare a little more.

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