Gafas de sol ovaladas
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Charly Therapy oval sunglasses

In the '90s, oval and round sunglasses were in their heyday. The decade had completely moved away from the big boxy shapes of the '80s.
Fashion is resurfacing with a mix of the 2000s, low-waisted pants, miniskirts and obviously sunglasses. Fans of oval glasses are in luck because with the return of this fashion, this type of accessory becomes the ideal model to give your looks a touch of personality.

A minimalist aesthetic

If you are a fan of a clean and minimalist aesthetic, these glasses will help you achieve that delicately striking touch that will distinguish you. Incorporating oval sunglasses into a successful look is very easy, make sure you combine them with simple pieces and that they are the star of the show.

Oval sunglasses for women

Oval sunglasses for women are the undisputed protagonists of vintage fashion and remind us of the decade of funk and disco music.
If you like vintage fashion and want a long-lasting accessory that blends perfectly with your vintage looks, this style will be the perfect accessory for you.

Oval sunglasses for men

If you are looking for a rockstar sensation, and to be perceived with a cool air, you already know what type of glasses you need…Obviously oval ones.
One of the icons that remind us of these glasses is the iconic Elvis Presley, he knew how to accompany them along with his hip movements. Combine your glasses with vegan leather jackets and jeans to travel back in time and look interesting.

Mini oval sunglasses

For a look full of youth we present this model that is responsible for giving you that spirit of a child from the nineties.
Combine your oval sunglasses with your personality while you explore the different textures that Charly Therapy has for you.

Midi oval sunglasses

If you are looking for a middle point between the extra and the mini, this type of glasses will be in charge of lengthening your gaze and giving attitude to your personal style.
Inspired by one of our favorite vintage fashion icons we created the best oval midi sunglasses inspired by Lady Diana. Her most iconic looks like biker shorts with a sweatshirt or a sensual revenge dress combined with this sun accessory will give you the look of a true modern princess.

If we can guarantee one thing, it is that these glasses are here to stay and will quickly become your personal brand.
Look no further and choose for yourself some royalty glasses.

Oval maxi sunglasses

We all know that the key to a winning look and a wow effect is a good pair of oversized vintage glasses.
Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy were obsessed and imposed XL frame glasses. This oversized silhouette rose to fame in the 60's thanks to the iconic first lady and this queen of Hollywood. If you're as big a fan of oval maxi as we are, get ready to protect your eyes with a retro style all year long while you look amazing with the glasses you'll find at Charly Therapy.

How to take care of my framed glasses with oval lenses?

It's very easy, make sure you store them in their case every time you don't use them and clean them delicately with the microfiber cloth that comes included with your oval sunglasses.

How can I combine my oval sunglasses?

There are infinite ways! Dare to combine them in your casual looks to get them out of the ordinary.

Are round or oval sunglasses better?

This depends on the shape of your face and your personal preference! If you can't decide, it's best to have one model of each pair. If you want to know more about what type of glasses suits you best depending on your type of face, you can read more on our blog.

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