Discover the 2022 sunglasses trends. Get inspired with the most daring and original looks with Charly Therapy's fashion eyewear.

Find out which sunglasses are the most popular this year in spring and summer. We did the research for you and we propose a complete guide with the trendiest styles. Among the most popular sunglasses for 2022, our favorites are geometric sunglasses and, of course, vintage sunglasses.

If you are looking for inspiration to know which sunglasses to choose, you are reading the right blog post. But first you should have in mind the style that you want to set: romantic, sporty, retro-chic or trendy, etc. The shape that best suits your face type is also relevant. Sunglasses for small faces are not the same as sunglasses for long faces. But always remember not to be conditioned by your body shape and follow your instinct as a fashion fan. You will never fail!


This shape of sunglasses is a trend in 2022. This design is bold and helps to level up a casual style combining with sportswear or basic closet bottoms. They are the perfect glasses to give a different touch to your look jeans shorts, t-shirt and sandals.


Rectangular sunglasses

The sunglasses that will be a hit in 2022. Rectangular sunglasses are especially recommended for round and oval faces. Thanks to the wide, rectangular frames, Rosie sunglasses not only take your look to the next level, but also provide total protection for your eyes with their UV400 filter.

Complete your best look with our classic rectangular sunglasses. Choose a color of sunglasses for every season, or classic black rectangular sunglasses that are a safe bet for year-round wear. For those who dare to stand out, we have colorful textures and exciting duotone combinations. Choose your favorites, wear your Rosie and enjoy the sun with total protection.



Hexagonal sunglasses


If we need an accessory this season, it's the hexagonal sunglasses from the new Charly Therapy collection. Their shape will give you a chic and fun look that will take you straight back to the 80s. With Audrey, girls will have fun to the rhythm of the best rock watching sunsets at the beach.

Audrey hexagonal sunglasses are made with very high quality materials that provide 100% UV protection. Perfect for your summer adventures.



Vintage sunglasses continue to be renewed every year and occupy the top of all fashion magazines. If you are looking for an exclusive style, you must select the next retro style glasses:

Jackie O: the sunglasses inspired by the style of Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy has made her oversized glasses, wide eyebrows and voluminous hair the hallmarks of her unique style.

Buy now our Jackie Macchiato design. These clear brown Jackie Kennedy style sunglasses will help you to add elegance to any look. These sunglasses have UV400 filtered lenses to protect your eyes all year round.


Janis, oversize round sunglasses, Janis Joplin style


Janis is one of the most popular designs you can choose in 2022. We're not surprised, as these versatile oversized, leopard print sunglasses are an undisputed classic.

Fall in love again with Leo frames with golden details and choose them to complete your bohemian look.


Unisex vintage style round sunglasses

Our Belmont are the must-have unisex round sunglasses for every season. With their rounded shape and classic and elegant touch, these sunglasses are the touch of elegance you need for all your looks. We love them because their shape is perfect for everyday and reminds us of the 70's fashion that we love so much.

The colorful Belmont collection is the right fashion accessory to show off your unique personality. Can you decide on one?

Olivia, the vintage sunglasses 70's style


Olivia takes us back to 1970, the era when Jane Birkin set the tone with her high-waisted jeans, lace shirts and wicker handbags. Oversized, square, shiny gold metal glasses add a fabulous retro chic touch.

If you're looking for retro leopard print sunglasses, this is what you need. Leo colors and gold details make these glasses the perfect versatility to match all your styles. Start your journey back in time with the new Olivia leo sunglasses.


Agatha, elegant retro style sunglasses


If you're looking for elegance and a touch of mystery in 2022, then Agatha is the sunglasses you'll want to wear. Its 1950s-inspired shape transports us to an era of flowing dresses and pastel shades. It invites us to experience the American dream to the sound of rock and roll music.

Its frame is made of polycarbonate with cat-eye finishes, which makes these glasses perfect for women who have round faces. Complete your most romantic look with Agatha's pink sunglasses.


And here are our recommendations.

See you in the next post :)


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