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Hexagonal sunglasses are a popular style today that flatters both men and women and stands out for its versatility, as it looks good no matter if the shape of your face is round and or squared. This makes the vast majority of people bet on making it the "to go" model.

These styles of sunglasses were born as round sunglasses evolved, becoming a shape that was quickly accepted and popular due to its originality in design. A great feature of this sun accessory is that they have not stopped being acclaimed by everyone since they appeared on the market. We all love them and they dress you in an easy way, leaving aside the season that we are in or what your personal style is, taking care of making us look great.

The best thing about this design is that all fashion lovers are in love with it for its versatile shape and comfort. Another important detail is that hexagonal lenses can be found in various sizes, although maxi sunglasses are becoming the preferred option.

Doesn't it happen to you that you have days where you have plans but you can't think of what accessories to match the situation?

We recommend which models of hexagonal glasses adapt to each situation to alleviate those moments of stress when thinking about what to use in your activities.

This style is characterized for being one of the favorite models every season thanks to the easy way of wearing them. We have maxi hexagons for the most daring that loves to make a statement and in regular size for those looking for an accessory that is characterized by elevating looks while maintaining the necessary versatility to wear them on every occasion.

At Charly Therapy we take care of bringing you the best models of hexagonal glasses.



Take Kylie to go straight to brunch, don't decide between having breakfast or lunch just in which model you will get it. Meet our Military, Python and Shell Black textures.

This style of hexagonal glasses is perfect thanks to its retro look. They do the natural job of bringing out your cool side and add the perfect dose of personality. Imagine them having some mimosas and matching them with denim and blazers.



Nothing better than spending your summer near the ocean, the Audrey glasses are the best option for sailing in the sea.

Whether it's a walk, a party or going fishing make sure to add Audrey in her case and from there straight to your bag. Try them in their Shell, Cream, Ivory and Matcha tones, they will be perfect and you will look amazing even when you return to the mainland after a day of sun and a lot of breeze. Combine them with your favorite swimsuit and a cap.



Getting ready for an afternoon of shopping? Don't forget your Olivia hexagonal glasses, these beauties that transport us to the 70's with their oversized shape, perfect for going out in search of your outfits.

The best decisions are made when you feel good both inside and out. The olivia glasses, in addition to being hexagonal, are found in Leo, Rosa, military, taupe, shell and black shell shades, they are everything you need to feel in your best version. Combine them with baggy pants and your favorite t-shirt.



Hexagonal sunglasses for your weekend getaways and discovering new spots. If you're already tired of the city and looking to get away for a few days, these hexagonal glasses are the first thing you should pack.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday are enough days for a successful getaway, whether you go to the beach, the mountains or to the next town, the important thing is to escape from your routine to return recharged. Combine them with a long dress and comfortable sandals.



For days when you don't know what to wear and you are looking for something that easily elevates your look, there is no better pair of hexagonal glasses than Venice.

It has happened to all of us that we try on a thousand things, we are late and we still cannot decide what is the ideal look to go out with, with these hexagonal glasses this problem is over. Combine them with retro style pants and a blouse


For those days when you wake up with a smile on your face and want to celebrate life. Palma glasses will be with you on birthdays, anniversaries or simply when you are in a good mood.

Its Amber, Granite and Cork colors will surprise you as they usually fit most people like a glove and surely you too. Combine them with a miniskirt and a loose blouse




When the sun begins to hide and golden hour approaches, it is the best time to take out your capri sunglasses. Call the people you love the most and sign up to watch the sunset at your favorite spot, it will definitely be an unforgettable moment.

Together with the models of hexagonal glasses Caracola, Menta, Duna and Coral, which will withstand all your summer adventures, you will spend your best days. Combined with all white look.

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